Meet Michelle



Michelle Durand is a life and business coach in Austin, TX. She is also the Founder of Tears to Treasures since 2001, over 15 years of helping women and men find healing and closure from past abortion experiences. Michelle’s personal abortion story has been created into a very powerful movie called “Holly’s Story” in 2003 by Cross Wind Productions. She has been a guest sharing her story and expertise for years on television, radio shows and podcasts. Michelle was also featured on The 700 Club in 2005. You can listen and watch most of them on the Media page. She shares her powerful testimony all over the world including Indonesia where she started a pregnancy resource centre while she lived there. She SPEAKS at schools, youth groups, banquets, fundraisers and churches and Walk for Life events just to name a few. She realized right away that once she shares her “secret” then others feel safe to share theirs. This is actually how Tears to Treasures got started in 2001…by Michelle sharing her SECRET at a Pregnancy Resource Center and NOW to the WORLD via social media.


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